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Experiment tracking
for deep learning

Record and visualize every detail of your research, collaborate easily, advance the state of the art

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Experiment Tracking for Deep Learning

Weights & Biases helps you track your machine learning experiments. Our mission is to build the best developer tools for deep learning. Today researchers and machine learning engineers like yourself use our tool to log Hyperparameters and output metrics from runs, manage Hyperparameter sweeps, and compare results across different experiments.

"W&B was fundamental for launching our internal machine learning systems, as it enables collaboration across various teams."

Hamel Husain

"W&B allows us to scale up insights from a single researcher to the entire team and from a single machine to thousands."

Wojciech Zaremba
Cofounder of OpenAI

Log Anything

Easily log metrics from your training script to visualize results in real time as your model trains.

wandb.log({"acc": accuracy, "val_acc": val_accuracy})

Explore Everything

Peek under the hood and see what your model is producing at each time step.

wandb.log({"point_cloud": wandb.Object3D(point_cloud)})

Massive Scale

Tag, filter, sort, and group runs easily. Our service was built to handle thousands of parallel runs.

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