Our Company
Machine learning is transforming our world, delivering insights from immense quantities of data to dramatically improve human productivity and drive groundbreaking scientific discovery. Our mission is to build the best software tools for deep learning practitioners.
Altay Guvench
Software Engineer
Radha Jain
Summer Fellow
Adrian Bauer
Software Engineer
Shawn Lewis
CTO and Cofounder
Chris Van Pelt
CVP and Cofounder
Lukas Biewald
CEO and Cofounder
Tom Holmes
Software Engineer
Carey Phelps
Product Lead
Ari Kalfayan
Gabe Smedresman
Software Engineer
Elena Portz
Chief Morale Officer
Why machine learning tools?
Tools are high leverage

Building one great tool can make an entire industry work more efficiently. Our software has the potential to improve workflows across millions of machine learning projects.

Tools democratize

The world needs more people using machine learning, and high quality tools can lower the barrier to entry. You shouldn't need a PhD to make a useful model.

Tools are fun

There are few things more satisfying than painting with a good paint brush, preparing dinner with a sharp knife or writing code in a well-configured text editor. We want to make building machine learning models a pleasure.