Our mission is to make machine learning intuitive and accessible. We need a great team to do that, and we're growing fast. Join us in accelerating the pace of progress.
We aspire to build products that customers love. Our team is made up of talented, driven people who want space to create great products.
Autonomy is more important to us than rigorous process. Team members own the product and engineering direction, and we co-create everything with our customers.

We care about diversity and inclusion. Our team has a hiring and working environment where everyone feels respected and valued, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or other personal identities.
Our tools are platform agnostic and can pair with any machine learning framework. We’ve enabled machine learning researchers and enterprise customers to build and debug mission critical models on their own platforms. Our engineering team works on building new features in the web interface, the CLI, and the API to make our customers successful. Our work is motivated by user-centric design, and engineers are encouraged to interact with our highly technical customer base.
— Lukas Biewald, founder of Weights & Biases
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