W&B for autonomous vehicles
Experiment tracking, model governance, collaboration
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We love working with autonomous vehicle teams. Here’s an interview we did with one of our users, Adrien Gaidon, who leads the team at Toyota Research Institute.
If you'd like to see our tools in action, here are some quick links to our docs and a live example of a W&B project.
Visualize point clouds
See the predictions and ground truth of your model in our interactive interface. You can explore the different predictions that your model makes over time, or compare across different model versions.
Our live dashboard allows you to collect results across members of your team and display them in one place. You can also build reports to share results across teams in your organization.
Massively scalable
We work with some of the largest machine learning teams in the world, and our product is built to scale to millions of experiments. We natively support distributed training.
System of record
Track everything in one place. W&B automatically logs every input into your training for regulatory compliance and reproducibility.
Never lose track of another model.
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