Carey Phelps, Product Lead

How to become a W&B Author

We're on a mission to build the best developer tools for machine learning, and in the process we'd like to curate a collection of hands-on tutorials and example projects. If you're interested in showcasing your machine learning projects or sharing your research, you might be a great W&B author!

As new papers come out and new GitHub repos start trending, we're always looking for new interesting topics to write about. Some machine learning topics we're especially interested in include:

If you're interested in joining our W&B Authors program, reach out to Lavanya to learn more.


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Weights & Biases

We're building lightweight, flexible experiment tracking tools for deep learning. Add a couple of lines to your python script, and we'll keep track of your hyperparameters and output metrics, making it easy to compare runs and see the whole history of your progress. Think of us like GitHub for deep learning.

Partner Program

We are building our library of deep learning articles, and we're delighted to feature the work of community members. Contact Lavanya to learn about opportunities to share your research and insights.

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