Visualize Machine Learning Performance at Scale

Weights & Biases helps you oversee live experiments and automatically builds a history of your results. It's easy to integrate, powerful to use and free for public projects.
"W&B is a key piece of our fast-paced, cutting-edge, large-scale research workflow: great flexibility, performance, and user experience."
Adrien Gaidon
Toyota Research Institute
"W&B allows us to scale up insights from a single researcher to the entire team and from a single machine to thousands."
Wojciech Zaremba
Cofounder of OpenAI
Lightweight Integration
We work with the frameworks you love. Just add 3 lines of code to your model and you'll be up and running with W&B. We help you keep track of all the things you want to remember about each job, from the hyperparameters and system metrics to the model outputs.
Track Insights at Scale
W&B can integrate with thousands of machines per experiment, and thousands of experiments per model. In addition to configuration and logged metrics we also automatically track system metrics over time, automatically keep track handy automatic trackers for system metrics to get the most out of your distributed training.
Custom Visualizations
We bulid a set of smart default graphs and provide the raw data and graph interface to let you explore runs and customize reports.
Example Projects
Fashion Classifier
Convolutional Neural Network
Handwritten Digits Classifier
Multilayer Perceptron
Face Emotion Classifier
Multiclass Perceptron
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