Why machine learning tools?

We believe that software is fundamentally changing the world and that AI is on the verge of fundamentally changing software. We want to put high quality tools in the hands of the world’s deep learning practitioners.
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Configuration Management

Track and reproduce every model you ever build.

Performance Visualization

Quickly see the performance of models.

Hyperparameter Tuning

Easily automate training and improve models.

Easily automate training and improving models.

1: Install Python Library

2: Create Account

3: Add Initialization Code

4: Save Hyperparameters

5: Log Variables

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Technology Through Expertise

The way we help organisations and engineers keep pace with technological advancement and a growing learning deficit is by offering technical workshops & consulting services led by our community of Machine Learning & Deep Learning experts who share their knowledge and skills with the next generation of experts. We also can identify key areas where AI solutions will have maximum impact on your business through educational workshops and strategic roadmap planning.
Easily automate training and improving models.

Step 1: Install python library

Step 2: Make a free wandb account

Step 3: Near the top of your training script add wandb initialization code

Step 4: Save a few hyperparameters in run.config

Step 5: Log a few variables

Wandb is platform agnostic and works with all machine learning frameworks.
We have custom integrations with the following frameworks to make your life even easier:
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